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Next Step Leadership Coaching

Whether you are considering or already leading a school faculty, home school, or community of families, we offer 1-1 coaching to help you guide, mentor, and steward those whom you have been commissioned to lead. 

Remote Coaching


Every school, every classroom, every home is shaped and influenced by a set of commitments that inform our decisions. 

Outline of Commitments:
  • identify your loves and the virtues needed to achieve them 
  • discover your creed and the principles that guide every decision
  • recognize what is your vocation and commission
  • begin arranging and executing a plan aligned to your commitments

A school and its leadership must labor to weave the commitments into each dimension of the educational environment divided by contexts and activities. 

Dimensions of a School:
  • Contexts. First a leader observes the relationship between the cosmos as God created it, the world and what man has done to it, and the community in which the school exists.
  • Activities. The three primary activities of every school are pedagogy (instruction), curriculum, and assessment.
  • Governance strives to bring harmony and alignment to the commitments through each dimension.

A plan which a school or its leader develops will require attention and stewardship in distinct areas that establish order and harmony throughout the school.

Stewardship Domains:
  • Learning and Growth
  • Internal Activities
  • Goodwill
  • Finance and Resources

CiRCE can customized its coaching to the needs of educational leaders by drawing from its resources provided in other contexts. 

Areas of Interest:
  • Classical instruction
  • Order of learning
  • Poetic Knowledge
  • What is Classical Education
  • Teaching classical languages
  • Rest
  • Meetings that work
  • Organization 
  • Project planning
  • Five Rs
  • . . . 

* Video/Phone Conferencing includes a complimentary 30-minute session to discuss and ask questions in order to develop a plan.

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