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Mending the Discarded Image – Lecture Series


Andrew Kern


A Six-Part Audio Lecture Series on C.S. Lewis

Part 1 – The Breath of God: Entering the World of C.S. Lewis
Part 2 – The Book of Signs: Escaping The Silver Chair
Part 3 – The Pilgrim’s Regress: Returning Home
Part 4 – The End of the Road: Abolition or “Weight of Glory”?
Part 5 – Models and Maps: Walking in The Discarded Image
Part 6 – Deeper Down and Further Up: Journeying to the Center of the Earth and to the Highest Heaven


I have a debt to C.S. Lewis that extends back to my early childhood and I feel I have never properly acknowledged it. This is my attempt.

Everybody knows that Lewis was a great story teller and most people know he was a profound and insightful thinker. In this lecture series I weave those two threads together, showing how his stories echo the often astonishing insights found in some of his most important essays.

I discuss The Silver Chair (is it the “key” to the Chronicles), The Pilgrim’s Regress (was it a failure), The Abolition of Man juxtaposed with “The Weight of Glory” (what are our possible destinies), and The Discarded Image (what does science have to do with literature).

If you love Lewis, want an introduction to Lewis, or want to take a step or two further up and further in, you are the one I’m addressing in this series.

– Andrew Kern, April 2019

(Delivered in six .mp3 files)