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The Hearth

Welcome to The Hearth!

There’s a seat for you at the table. (Let’s face it. Most of us homeschool at our dining table, so this makes perfect sense!)

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What is The Hearth?

The Hearth is a community of mommas who are in the journey of pouring into their children by means of a Christian classical education. This community is meant to help do this well by offering, not only the support of like-minded moms in various points along this journey, but also by equipping with foundational knowledge about classical education and what it can look like in your family. This is Titus 2 in action. – Tonya Rozelle 

Your Guide

Tonya Rozelle has been classically educating herself and others for the past 20 years. This adventure began when she started homeschooling her own children, an action that quickly led to her realization that there was much she did not know. Not wanting to end the adventure after her own children graduated, she began teaching in a private classical high school. She is forever thankful to the Lord for, among other things, leading her to this crazy thing called classical education.

Tonya especially loves digging into connections between the liberal arts, studying history, and reading from an ever-growing booklist. She graduated from CiRCE’s Certified Master Teacher Apprenticeship program in 2020.

How will we do this?

Registration is now open!

First Gathering: September 14


This schedule was selected with you in mind. My hope is that, no matter where you live, you can carve out this time for yourself, perhaps during an extended lunch break or afternoon naptime. This is essential time for mom to learn and equip herself for an incredibly important task with which the Lord has entrusted her.

1st Thursday @ 4-5pm; Optional book club 

2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 4-5pm for equipping and discussion 

The first Thursday of each month will be our completely optional book club. Each book will focus, in either a general or specific way, with our pursuit of Christian classical education. It will be conversational in nature and open to all Hearth members regardless of where you are in the book.

The second Thursday of each month will be our first look at the topic for that month. (See the annual Schedule of Topics for more details.) You will receive 20 to 30 minutes of information followed by discussion when you can ask questions and wrestle with the topic a bit.

The fourth Thursday of each month will be our second look at the topic for that month. This will be an opportunity to go deeper in your understanding of the topic through guided questions and to discuss how this new knowledge can be woven into your homeschooling journey, both that week and in years to come.

Additional Member Benefits

Join the Hearth today to receive special member benefits!

New this year, participants will receive access to last year’s Hearth monthly topic calls with Renee Mathis. An important goal for The Hearth is to help provide a community for online learning and gathering in person. We are planning to offer these in person gathering opportunities at our CiRCE regional and national conferences this year.
Our first planned event is a social gathering during our fall conference on Friday evening, October 20 to help members get to know one another. Come out and join us for an evening in Powder Springs, GA for the fall Lift Up Your Hearts regional conference. Hearth members will receive a special discount of $30.00 off the ticket price.

Calendar and Topics


September – The Four Elements of Classical Education, part 1: A High View of Man
October – The Four Elements of Classical Education, part 2: Logocentrism
November – The Four Elements of Classical Education, part 3: Responsibility for the Western Tradition
December – The Four Elements of Classical Education, part 4: Pedagogy That Sustains These Commitments – The Three Columns
January – The Four Elements of Classical Education, part 4: Pedagogy – Mimetic Teaching
February – Delights and Distractions: Babies, Toddlers, & Life at Home
March – Assessment that Blesses
April – Reading for Moms
May – Planning for Next Year


September God’s Perspective of Our Task
October Considering the Nature of the Soul
November The Liberating Arts
December The Power of Tradition
January The Value of Narration
February The Five Common Topics
March Mimetic Teaching
April Socratic Teaching
May Blessing Through Assessment


September The Canons of Rhetoric: Invention – What It Is
October The Canons of Rhetoric: Invention – How To Use It
November The Canons of Rhetoric: Arrangement – What It Is
December The Canons of Rhetoric: Arrangement – How To Use It
January The Canons of Rhetoric: Elocution – What It Is
February The Canons of Rhetoric: Elocution – How To Use It
March The Canons of Rhetoric: Memory – What It Is
April The Canons of Rhetoric: Memory – How To Use It
May The Canons of Rhetoric: Delivery – What It Is and How to Use It


 If you are unable to attend any sessions, recordings will be available on The Hearth Canvas course page. All late registrants will pay full price and have access to the Canvas course and all recordings.