Introducing our Newest Book for Children: ABC LATINE

Classical Training

Circe Apprenticeship

The CiRCE Institute’s Apprenticeship Program is an in-depth, personal teacher development community in which a Master Teacher mentors a small group of educators in classical rhetoric and classical modes of instruction. It’s founded on the idea that to feed students properly teachers must feed themselves.


A one-year program, the CiRCE Atrium program explores the foundations of Christian classical education with online classes and discussions. The atrium now features four courses. Participants can choose any one course or sign up for multiple courses! Courses include Heidi White on ShakespeareNorms and Nobility with Tonya Rozelle, Plato’s Dialogues with Dr. Matthew Bianco, and The Divine Comedy with Kristen Rudd.

Tirocinium Latinum

A Latin Apprenticeship Program, Tirocinium Latinum is crafted to help parents, teachers, or students who want to learn Latin by building the required skills to think, read, and communicate in Latin. While this program aims to read Latin texts, language skills contribute to another goal of enlarging the soul.

Ἀττικίζω (Attikizo) is a three-year language apprenticeship program designed to help parents, teachers, and students build the skills required to engage with classical texts in the original Greek. Approaching ancient Greek as a living language, apprentices will build skills in communicating, reading, and thinking in ancient Greek.

Student online semester and year long courses in LTW, Latin, Logic, poetry, and more! CiRCE Online features courses in classical composition and literature taught by CiRCE Apprenticeship trained, experienced, and dedicated classical educators, and it provides a digital model for Christian classical education designed to help parents supplement the classical education of their children.

Announcing our newest program, The Hearth: Becoming a Christian Classical Homeschooler! “My desire is to encourage and equip you in your Christian, classical homeschooling journey. I invite you to join with me and with other homeschooling parents to learn more, and learn together, about what it takes to pursue the goal of a Christ-centered homeschool.” — Renee Mathis

Currently offering three levels, The Lost Tools of Writing is an ideal composition curriculum for students in seventh through twelfth grade who already have a relatively solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure and who have at least a rudimentary amount of writing experience – and, most importantly, who are ready to think for themselves.


Whether you are mid-way through preparing to launch a school or mid-way through the year with a school, whether you are twenty years on the journey with a school or five months, your questions and concerns are real. We can help you see your school as a whole while also addressing its parts.