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What the Soul Wants – Webinar Recording
  • Publish Date
    : 2021-01-25


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What the Soul Wants Recording
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The classical view of the soul, from Plato to Aristotle, from St. Augustine to St. Basil, has three parts or, better, faculties: the head, the chest, and the belly. Each of these has its own needs, its own desires. The head desires wisdom. The chest desires honor. The belly desires pleasures. Education is, perhaps principally, about ordering these parts or faculties, so that they student loves what is worth loving and pursues what is worth pursuing.

More than just learning what it is, exactly, that needs to be re-ordered, understanding the faculties of the student’s soul (and our own!) can actually facilitate education in a way that helps us in the re-ordering. Understanding these faculties can actually help us to get our students to pay attention to a lesson. It can help us to get our students back on track. It can help us to get our students to interrupt less.

Join Matthew Bianco as he introduces us to the classical view of the soul, what its parts are, and how lessons can be aligned to those needs to gain the student’s attention and goodwill for the lesson, reducing interruptions and getting derailed lessons back on track.

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