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How to Learn (and Teach) a Language Webinar Recording
  • Publish Date
    : 2021-01-25


How to Learn (and Teach) a Language - Webinar Recording
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*** Webinar Video Recording ***

In this webinar, Dr. Matthew Bianco and Buck Holler, CiRCE Master Teachers, sit down to discuss their experiences with language learning. They will focus on the various methods educators have employed from the classical to the modern period, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and what they have discovered to be the sine qua non for studying languages.

Dr. Bianco and Mr. Holler hope to bring clarity to a number of terms, concepts, and myths often applied to learning and teaching languages. Join them to gain insight for your own language learning at home or in the classroom. This is sure to be a lively and educational discussion on what languages they are studying now and which methods they are following.

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