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Mimetic Teaching: Preparation for Ruling – Webinar Recording
  • Publish Date
    : 2021-01-25


Mimetic Teaching: Preparation for Ruling - Webinar Recording
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Have you heard of mimetic teaching and you have more questions? Have you heard of Teaching like Christ and you want to see classroom models? CiRCE Certified Master Teacher Andrea Lipinski will develop, deliver, and evaluate two full lessons in this webinar. Preparing our lessons is not the same sort of thing as delivering our lessons, and we will walk through both paths with a lesson from math for younger students and from writing for older students.

As teachers, we are to rule our lessons; by developing, delivering, and assessing them with mimesis as the model, space is made for both ourselves and our students to continue to learn how to rule. As St. Basil the Great shared, “the power to rule given by the Creator is innate in the human” (On the Human Condition, I.9). We can teach our students how to gain dominion over skills outside of themselves as training for how to gain dominion over the passions within themselves. Join Andrea to see models of lessons developed, delivered, and evaluated as preparation for your own ruling.

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