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Plato’s Classroom and Curriculum Webinar Recording
  • Publish Date
    : 2021-06-03


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*** Webinar Video Recording ***

What is Plato’s Republic about? Honestly, people have argued for centuries whether it is a dialogue about how to create a “constitution” for the perfect city or whether it is creating the “constitution” of the perfect person. Whichever of those it is, it is about “constitution” for the Greek name for the dialogue is Politeia, which means constitution, and has both uses in its own day, the constitution of a governmental entity and the constitution of a human being.

Nonetheless, whether it is about perfecting cities or perfecting people (or both, as some might contend), it presents what education needs to be to make that happen. In this webinar, the CiRCE Institute’s Matt Bianco will lead us through a brief overview of Plato’s Republic, looking especially at how Plato describes education. What are the ages and stages of education? What books should be read and not read? What arts and sciences should be taught? What is the purpose of education? What are the results of a good education?

Join us, if you need to teach the text, want to prepare to read the text, or just want to know what the big deal is about the text. This webinar has something for everyone, whether you’ve never read the Republic, read it once, or read it a half dozen times.

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