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Norms and Nobility with Heidi White – Webinar Recording


Heidi White

  • Publish Date
    : 2021-08-17


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Norms & Nobility White Webinar Recording
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Speaker: Heidi White


Norms and Nobility by Dr. David Hicks is considered by many to be the seminal text of the contemporary Christian classical education renewal. In this webinar, classical educator and consultant Heidi White will introduce the theory and practices of Christian classical education advocated by Dr. Hicks in his remarkable treatise. Drawing richly from the text itself, Heidi will guide attendees through a bird’s eye vision of the book, offering big picture understanding and practical application for new and experienced educators alike.

If you have ever wondered what exactly this Christian classical education thing is all about, or how to go deeper into the heart of it, this webinar is for you. If you are considering joining Heidi to read and discuss Norms and Nobility in the Atrium, this webinar is also for you. While these ninety minutes are a great map to the book and to Christian classical education, they also offer you a taste of the upcoming year-long Atrium course.