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Teaching in Place Virtual Ticket

Suggested Price: $67.00

Teaching In Place Virtual Conference

Teaching in Place: Education Like Your Child Belongs

The cost of this conference is a donation of whatever size you feel you can make. Please do not let cost keep you from attending. If you can’t afford a donation, please feel free to come at no cost. If you can, we welcome your partnership. (Suggested donation $67)

Can’t make it live? Recordings of all talks will be provided to all registrants for free.

Wendell Berry once lamented that education is one of those enterprises that teaches children to hate their homes and their hometowns, and education is that thing which serves as a stepping stone to greater and better adventures: the big city, the bright lights, power, and fame! Many of the children who grew up with an education like that, went on to big cities and bright lights, but found the same old rat wheel waiting for them that they thought they were escaping. Other children grew up to discover they just didn’t matter. They weren’t all that important because their dreams and desires were aimed a little too low: stay-at-home mom, a dad who works with his hands, a neighbor in the same small town they grew up in.

What if education was different? What if education didn’t teach our children to abandon the community they grew up in, but taught them to bring their education, their skills, their hopes, and their dreams to their community? What if education taught our children to love the sky they are under? The land they are standing on? The neighbors they grew up with? What if, moreover, education taught our children that they “belong,” that they have dignity and value simply because they are good neighbors who love and abide wherever they are, all the while acknowledging that it’s okay for them to be called to something else, to somewhere else?

Join us online, for our annual “pay what you can” conference on “Teaching in Place: Education like your child belongs.” Join our amazing lineup of speakers as together we contemplate and consider what it means to teach in place, and what it means to educate like your child belongs.


Christopher Perrin

Andrew Pudewa

Dr. Carol Reynolds

Martin Cothran

Heidi White

Sarah-Jane Bentley

Dr. Matthew Bianco

Buck Holler

Katerina Hamilton

Andrea Lipinski

Benjamin Crocker

Jonathan Councell

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