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Keys for Unlocking Shakespeare Webinar Recording


Heidi White


*** Webinar Video Recording *** 

Without a doubt, Shakespeare is one of the greatest authors in world history, but do we really engage in the full measure of pure delight and contemplation he offers through his magnificent poetry and plays? If you aren’t yet laughing, crying, and thinking your way through Shakespeare, we invite you to join us for this webinar event when classical educator and literary podcaster Heidi White will offer a few simple literary, cultural, and performance keys to unlocking a rich appreciation and understanding of Shakespeare’s life, world, and work. Whether you are an educator, a theater buff, a student or a literary enthusiast, this webinar will help you engage more deeply with one of the most enduring and engrossing authors in the world. Join us for 90 minutes with the Bard!

NOTE: A link to the video recording will be emailed to you upon purchase.