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Getting Started with Plato Webinar Recording


Dr. Matthew Bianco


*** Webinar Video Recording *** 

One of the most common questions parents and teachers ask about teaching Plato is “Which dialogues should my students read first?” To which, they undoubtedly receive the answer: “the Republic” or “the Apology” or some other popular and well-known dialogue. It is worth considering, however, how the ancients would have answered that question. What dialogues did the ancient Greeks and Romans believe should be read first by their students?

In this webinar, Dr. Matthew Bianco, a CiRCE Head Mentor and Atrium leader, will introduce us to what the ancient Greeks and Romans (and even the early Medievals) believed were the most important dialogues to read first. He will give an overview of what each of those dialogues is about, what “big” question each was wrestling with, and even different ways the ancients and classical educators pursue teaching those dialogues.

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