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Euclid’s Elements: Teaching Geometry Classically Webinar Recording


Alec Bianco


Euclid’s Elements Webinar Recording
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Euclid’s Elements: Teaching Geometry Classically

Do you know which book, second only to the Bible, has had the most number of editions published?

You guessed it, Euclid’s Elements. So, why would a geometry textbook deserve this honor?

Geometry is one of the four arts of the Quadrivium, and has always been considered an integral part of a liberal arts education.

If you like math, you will find the study of Euclid enriching and engaging. If you dislike math, I believe you’ll see that Euclid’s approach is a delightful study on its own, no formulae or constant memorization needed.

Join us in navigating the historical study of geometry, walking through several mathematical propositions ourselves, and contemplating geometry’s purpose in a classical education.

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