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Beauty Will Save the Child Webinar Recording


Andrew Kern


Beauty Will Save the Child Webinar Recording
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The great 19th century Russian Christian author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, famously argued that “beauty will save the world.” Since then, the world has experienced two global wars and many local ones, unparalleled economic growth, pandemics, previously unimaginable improvements in health care, and a multitude of blessings and curses. But not enough beauty.

Lately, educators have taken to talking about the “whole child.” Ask what that whole child includes, however, and you might get a blank stare. Ask how to nurture the whole child and you might annoy people.

Christian classical educators don’t run from these questions. We take them so seriously that we put in the effort to understand what the whole child is. We are persuaded that the whole child cannot be properly taught if we neglect his soul’s hunger for beauty. If Dostoevsky was right, then beauty must first save the child – and without beauty the whole child cannot be saved.

How much of your child’s soul do you want to see saved? (That’s a trick question!).

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