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Ten Principles of Education for Slavery

Modern progressive education produces slaves. It does so by remembering the following principles.

1. A slave’s education is coercive

2. ​The slave is not told why he is being forced to be educated

3. A slave’s education keeps the slave dependent on the thoughts of others

4. A slave’s education keeps the slave weak

5. A Slave’s education prepares him to work for others instead of preparing him to work for himself

6. A slave’s education neglects the slave’s unique strengths and contributions, developing only what some other institution or group needs him for

7. A slave’s education is not oriented toward the honor of the slave but the glory of his master

8. A slave’s education is not under natural authority but is under the arbitrary authority of the self-appointed and self-validating

9. A slave’s education does not develop the higher virtues of wisdom and justice (for rather obvious reasons)

10. A slave’s education does not cultivate the qualities of a free person (virtue and honor and all that arises from them)

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