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Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern is the founder and president of The CiRCE Institute and the co-author of the book, Classical Education: the Movement Sweeping America.

Only the Lover Sings, But Even the Critic Can Love

I once read somebody who called Elie Wiesel “a professional whiner.” I remember thinking, “Wow, that is a disproportionate response.” Or at least, “Man, that’s not fair.” All my life, I have relied on people with more insight, skill, and wisdom than I have to help me maneuver my way through this confusing, over-informed, unprincipled …

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How to Read

If we read tribally, we short circuit the path to wisdom. If we read obsequiously, we enervate ourselves on that path. What I mean is this: if my first question when I read the quoted paragraph above is, “Who wrote it?”, I am asking a perfectly natural question, one that is rooted in my desire …

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