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The Teacher-Genie Grants One Wish

A student opens a copy of Euclid’s Elements and a dark spirit emerges from the pages of the book.

Teacher-Genie: I am the teacher-genie. I will grant you one educational wish.

Student: What? Really?

Teacher-Genie: Really.

Student: I can have whatever I want?

Teacher-Genie: That’s the deal.

Student: I want an A in Geometry class.

Teacher-Genie: It is done. You have an A in Geometry class.

Student: Whoa. Awesome. This is fantastic news. Now I’m at the top of my class.

Teacher-Genie: That’s… not exactly true.

Student: (confused) What? Why?

Teacher-Genie: All the other students in your Geometry class have A++++’s. You are actually at the bottom of your class.

Student: (outraged) This is a horrible miscarriage of justice.

Teacher-Genie: I gave you an A, though. I gave you exactly what you asked for. Check your report card. You have an A in Geometry.

Student: But now it doesn’t mean anything!

Teacher-Genie: It never meant anything.

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