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Chuck Hicks

Chuck (Marshall ’84) began overseeing CiRCE operations in January 2013. He has lived in Concord, NC most of his life. He is married to Stacey and dad to five adult children. In addition to general administrative duties, Chuck has contributed to the CiRCE blog, FORMA, and the CiRCE Lecture Series.

Quotables: Robert Nisbet

“Robert Nisbet was never a friend of centralization, militarism, and absolutism, whether royalist or democratic.” Joseph R. Stromberg In The Quest for Community, Robert Nisbet (1913-1996) pursued the idea of decentralized, natural social orders as an antidote to the isolation and despair engendered by the modern (and often abstract) nation-state. Only within the context of

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Quotable: T.S. Eliot on Poetry and the Poet

Thomas Stearns Eliot (1888-1965) remains a timeless voice of wisdom in the midst of the self-destruction of post-Great War modernity. Fusing the disciplined anti-romanticism of his teacher Irving Babbitt with the provocative Imagist power of his mentor and friend Ezra Pound, Eliot forged a poetic oeuvre that reflected the complexities of the modern age with

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