The Fables of Aesop is out now!

More Oscars: Steve Martin and Tina Fey and Screen Plays.

Funny opening with the typing, but man, Steve Martin is hysterical. I love this guy. Especially because sometimes he makes such incredibly bone-headed mistakes.

“Every writer starts with a blank page.” Hey, now they’re advertising Lost Tools of Writing and they probably don’t even know it!

Steve Martin is proof that the best thing to study in college is philosophy. His gift for seeing through things to the hilarity underneath is priceless – from King Tut to Michael Moore in the trunk of his limousine. He’s daring, so sometimes he falls. The only comedian who could do that so well was Johnny Carson.

Just so you aren’t worried, there’s no way I’ll be doing this for the whole show. it’s already wearing me out.

Surprise on the screenplay! Dustin Lance Black for Milk. Sean Penn is no doubt an amazing actor. Now it’s testimony time. Milk gave a gay Mormon hope. Do churches really tell gay people that they are “less than” and that God does not love them.

But at least Hollywood stays out of politics. He’s promised federal rights to gays.

“Don’t fall in love with me.” Steve Martin. If that isn’t the line of the night, I’ll be surprised. Click here for the only Youtube on line as I edit this post the next day. I hope they get the whole skit up soon because it was hysterical.

Do you think maybe Hollywood is sex obsessed, by the way?

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