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February 22, 2009

The Fall of Me

They’re doing a tribute to Jerry Lewis. That’s amazing. I haven’t seen him in 40 years. I remember how funny he was when I was a little kid, and then he did that telethon every year. Coke Commercial: “Good taste is anything that makes a statement. It’s all about being bold, flashy, and fabulous. But …

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Supporting Actor

I like the way they bring five people out at a time. I wish we could do that with the Paideia Prize winners. Fly them all to the banquet to stand behind the next winner. Think how impressive and weighty that would be. Truth “keeps us unsettled, unsure, and enthralled in our uncertainty.” Aristotle would …

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The musical

Nice tribute to the musical. I wonder if it’s possible to do these in a way that isn’t overtly sexual. I have a mixed reaction because there’s a style to musicals that is quite amazing. But the impact of jazz on musicals makes me ponder. I have to admit I found Mama Mia a pleasant …

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