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A few notes on dealing with economic hard times

In these economically trying times, we can see that our value proposition has never been more important. People who come only because the school is cheaper won’t come back. There’s always a cheaper one.

But people who come because you have better teachers, a better curriuclum, and better vision will continue to invest to the limit of their abilities.

“Cut costs, but not the one’s that make you what you are.”

James Daniels reminded me yesterday that teaching your parents is one of the most important duties for a Christian classical school. Those who have done so will reap the rewards when those parents have hard decisions to make. Those who have not, it probably isn’t too late. Yet.

  • Make sure they have the vision.
  • Make sure your teachers have the vision and training they need to separate your school from the pack.
  • Make sure you have a distinctive curriculum that makes the blood flow.
  • Nourish the energy of your teachers and staff – in fact, of the whole community.
  • Build and protect the goodwill of everybody you depend on, especially, if I may say so, your Lord and Provider.
  • Guard your cash flow by tending the “goose” that lays the golden egg. Don’t kill the goose to get the egg. And know what the golden egg is, too.

If we can help, please contact us. It’s what we’re here for.

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