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Invention & Issues in LTW II – Webinar Recording
  • Publish Date
    : 2021-01-25


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Invention & Issues in LTW II - Webinar Recording
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The Lost Tools of Writing Level II builds on Level I, but contains some giant differences from Level I. Come and gain insight into how to approach Level II with its different kinds of issues and different kind of invention.

This webinar will lay the groundwork for all of Level II’s invention so that you can dig into the whole book with confidence. With that confidence, you’ll enjoy role-playing to create a prosecution for a character who shouldn’t have done something and a defense for a character who should have acted as he did. These lessons will prepare you for later lessons where you can present your case to a disagreeing judge: laying out the evidence, the laws broken, and the motives—then concluding by telling her how her decision can bring hope to her community.

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