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Assessing The Lost Tools of Writing Webinar Recording


Camille Hunt


Assessing The Lost Tools of Writing - Webinar Recording
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Assessing The Lost Tools of Writing

How should I assess my student’s writing? Writing is so personal—what if I hurt her feelings? She’s so sweet. I don’t want to discourage her by not taking late work. She tries so hard.

What is an A- ? What does it mean? How do I know when I should give an A- and when I should give a B+? Can I avoid that dilemma if I have two categories: one point for good work and two points for great work? Is there anything that can guide my decisions about these things?

Yes. There are answers to these questions and more. In this webinar, we’ll find concrete, practical tips for assessing our students’ LTW lessons (in every canon) so that our feedback blesses and encourages them. We’ll also discuss how this kind of assessment applies to other areas of teaching: the goal of all assessment, how we get there from here, and how we and our students can hit the mark and find rest.

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