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Greek Apprenticeship with Monique Neal | 

Ἀττικίζω (Attikizo) is a three-year language apprenticeship program designed to help parents, teachers, and students build the skills required to engage with classical texts in the original Greek. Approaching ancient Greek as a living language, apprentices will build skills in communicating, reading, and thinking in ancient Greek.

The name of this apprenticeship Ἀττικίζω recalls the act of foreigners speaking the dialect of the Athenians. This verb is appropriately applied to us as we endeavor to acquire this ancient language as a second or third mother tongue, in order that we also may enter the walkways of ancient Greece to encounter directly her poets and teachers.

Apprentices will find this spoken approach delightful and the least intimidating path to beginning studies of ancient Greek. Prior exposure to ancient Greek will be helpful, but not necessary.

To apply for the CiRCE Apprenticeship complete the application to the right and pay the application fee.

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The CiRCE Apprenticeship
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