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Renewal Conference
What's with the two differing dates? As classical education grows around the world, we feel called to help as much as we are able. With this in mind, we have made this conference more accessible to our Australian and south pacific friends. Can't make it live? Recordings of all talks will be provided to all registrants for free. The cost of this conference is a donation of whatever size you feel you can make. Please do not let cost keep you from attending. If you can't afford a donation, please feel free to come at no cost. If you can, we welcome your partnership. You can donate during the checkout process. (Suggested donation: $67)
April 7
- April 8, 2022
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Why this theme?


Nations and peoples throughout the world are increasingly anxious about their children’s education. They fear they will be left out of the job market, technology will outpace them, and they won’t get into the colleges and universities that provide a secure future. The more people embrace the latest theories, the more worried they become. Today, we worry about jobs, identity, moral collapse, fragmented communities, fragmented minds, fragmented souls.

We’ve embraced fragmentation and now we feel the discord. When there is no key for the band to play in, how can it play in harmony? When the principle of unity and the God of peace has been, as it were, amputated, how can we find peace for our souls?

There has never been a golden age, not really. But there have been ages less infected by the soul-viruses that cause disease in this one. The Christian classical tradition has always pursued a freedom that arises from self-governance, a harmony that grows from wisdom, and a perception of truth that flows from virtue. Our age does not cherish these values.

By the grace of God, bearing its quiet fruit primarily through the love of godly mothers and fathers, a renewal of Christian classical education has been springing up throughout the globe. Lost insights have been recovered. “Springs too deep for taint” have been rediscovered. Lately, through the patient zeal of Australian educators, the renewal has reached this great island nation.

What is classical education and why do we need it? Come join us on April 7 and 8 (USA) or April 8 and 9 (AEST) for this online conference and join the great conversation. Who knows but that we might be means of grace for this anxious age.

All registrants will receive the following:

  • A link to the conference program, via a shared Google doc, 24 hours before the conference begins.
  • Recordings of all the sessions for FREE.
  • A 15% coupon code that can be applied towards any CiRCE product. This coupon code will only be active for the duration of the conference.


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Confirmed Speakers

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Schedule (USA - Eastern Time)

Thursday, April 7

7:00 pm: Plenary 1

9:00 pm: Q&A Panel

11:00 pm: Breakout Session A

1:00 am: Breakout Session B

Friday, April 8

7:00 pm: Plenary 2

9:00 pm: Breakout Session C

11:00 pm: Breakout Session D

1:00 am: Closing Remarks

Schedule (AUS - East)


Friday, April 8

9:00 am: Plenary 1

11:00 am: Q&A Panel

1:00 pm: Breakout Session A

3:00 pm: Breakout Session B

Saturday, April 9

9:00 am: Plenary 2

11:00 am: Breakout Session C

1:00 pm: Breakout Session D

3:00 pm: Closing Remarks