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LTW II Online Course
LTW Level II & Shakespeare
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
Julie Flick
Julie Flick

In The Lost Tools of Writing Level Two, students continue their study of classical rhetoric with the judicial address, which refines the persuasive essay taught in Level One. Students will build on their writing skills while also learning how to judge wisely and well.

Level Two includes plenty of review, a deeper understanding of classical rhetoric, special Topics of Invention, and additional schemes and tropes. As with Level One, the skills practiced in Lost Tools Level Two can be applied to any kind of writing students will ever have to do.

Students will be introduced to the incomparable Shakespeare in this class through reading, discussing, writing about, and memorizing passages from four of his plays.

Suggested Ages
14 years old and up
Successful completion of Level One and permission of instructor (submission of a writing sample from Level One may be requested)
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Required Texts