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This week, CiRCE podcasts contemplated Schole', sacrifice, new opportunities for homeschooling parents, and Anne with an "E."

This week, CiRCE podcasts contemplated Schole’, sacrifice, new opportunities for homeschooling parents, and Anne with an “E.” Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review, wherever you like to listen to podcasts!

Café Scholé, Episode 5Finding Scholé without Seeking It
In this episode, Dr. Perrin talks with two colleagues, Jolie Hodge and Jesse Hake, about the ways that have experienced scholé in their own lives and how they have been able to bring it to their own students. They share their own childhood experiences of scholé through engagement with nature, architecture, reading, and prayer.

Close Reads Anne of Green Gables: Chapters 28-32
In this episode David, Tim, and Heidi, chat about the melancholy that sets into the book during this section, Anne’s increasing maturity, the “boat springs a leak” scene, the “lessons” and morals Anne has learned, and much more.

Proverbial, Episode 25Mr. James Duffy
This week’s proverb is an old Jewish saying: “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entirely.” Join Joshua Gibbs as he contemplates what this proverb has to say for modern men and women.

The Daily Poem

Friday, April 17: Scott Cairns’ “Daily Sacrifice”

Thursday, April 16: W.H. Davies’ “Leisure”

Wednesday, April 15: Mary Oliver’s “This Morning”

Tuesday, April 14: W.S. Merwin’s “Finding a Teacher”

Monday, April 13: Wendell Berry’s “An Anniversary”

FORMA – Robert Bortins on the New Masters Degree for Homeschoolers
In this episode FORMA’s managing editor, Heidi White, talks to Classical Conversations CEO Robert Bortins about an exciting new opportunity for homeschooling parents to earn a Master’s Degree just by homeschooling their children.

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