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This week, CiRCE podcasts contemplated Schole', the real you, life and death during Queen Victoria's reign, and Graham Green’s The End of the Affair.

This week, CiRCE podcasts contemplated Schole’, the real you, life and death during Queen Victoria’s reign, and Graham Green’s The End of the Affair. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review, wherever you like to listen to podcasts!

Café Scholé, Episode 6Christ, the Teacher

Join Christopher Perrin as he contemplates a small (but essential) work by Clement of Alexandria. It’s called Christ the Teacher or Christ the Pedagogue (available on the web here: and it’s remarkably helpful for contemporary, restful teaching.

Close ReadsThe End of the Affair: Part One

And so it was time to begin a new book . . . Join David, Tim, and Heidi as they dive into the world of Graham Green’s twentieth classic, The End of the Affair. They chat about the likability of the narrator, the mystery of Sarah Miles, the technical skill of the author, and the fascination of those first few lines. And much more, of course.

Proverbial, Episode 26The Real You

This week’s (very famous) proverb comes from William Shakespeare and his play, As You Like It. It says, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Join Joshua Gibbs as he contemplates what this proverb has to say to modern men and women.

The Daily Poem

Thursday, May 7: Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “Spring”

Wednesday, May 6: Ted Kooser’s “Abandoned Farmhouse”

Tuesday, May 5: Thomas Merton’s “Elegy for the Monastery Barn”

Victoria’s World

A History of the Royal Navy (Part 2)

A History of the Royal Navy (Part 1)

Inventors & Inventions of Victorian England

The Weapons that Forged an Empire

The Greedy Queen: Eating with Queen Victoria

The Charge of the Light Brigade

British Raids in East Africa: The Story of Wituland

The Boer War: Costly Lessons for the British Empire

The Siege of Khartoum – Radical Islam Encounters the British Empire

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – A Victorian Sensation

The Battle of Rorke’s Drift – A Last Stand Against the Zulus

The Victorian Poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson

A Tour of Victorian London Through the Eyes of Charles Dickens

Music in the Victorian Era

Everyday Life in the Victorian Age

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