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Vote now in round 2 of our Leading Ladies of Literature Bracket!

Don’t miss a chance to cast your vote in round two of our Leading Ladies of Literature Bracket!

(Voting in rounds 2 begins at 11pm EST on 3/14)

Just sixteen great literary leading ladies remain and there are some juicy matchups still to be decided. We have miss Elizabeth Bennet up against Katherine Minola. In an exciting matchup, we have Beatrice vs. Beatrice. Penelope is up against Anne with an E! And in a real nail-biter, Elinor Dashwood is up against Charlotte and her web.

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Vote now in round 2!


Round 2: 3/14-3/19
Round 3: 3/19-3/22
Semi-final Round: 3/22-3/26
Final Round: 3/26-3/28

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