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Sex, Religion, and the American Future

I came across these notes this morning. They were noted in June of 2004, which I find interesting.

If Christian morality has any validity – if it aligns with or expresses a natural law – it is very challenging to imagine a way the quasi-civilization we’ve manufactured can continue much longer.

Civilizations are built largely on the way they order the sexual impulse, and this thing now called the west has a suicidal inclination of the highest magnitude. I don’t see how it can be stopped. For one thing, our worship of the individual (who has replaced the person) knows no bounds.

For us to regain a sexual equilibrium the forces of excitement would have to be stilled, but the purpose of pop music, most movies and television, and a huge portion of the internet is to excite (especially) young people’s unrefined sexuality.

Until the forces of excitement are overthrown (which can never be done through state or battle – it is a spiritual work), undefined, unrestrained sexuality will continue to eat away at our so-called civilization. Then the agony will lead to either an apathy that surrenders or an angry call for tyrannical measures to punish the offender – who are largely uncatchable.

Where does this come from? At least partly from an unrestrained love of money (the producers) and the ipulses that love set free at least as far back as the Renaissance.

God have mercy. He alone can deliver us. As it is now, so it will be then: people will laugh at the idea of a punishing God even as they curse Him for His punishment (which amounts to letting them do what they want, but not to avoid the consequences).

Only true religion (yes, I used the word) can bring sexuality under control and fulfill its function because sexuality is fundamentally a religious reality.

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