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Save 50% on Our 10 Most Popular Downloads of 2014

As we scanned our website data for 2014 we were intrigued by the downloaded talks that were most popular. Included in that list are talks by Andrew Kern, and Andrew Pudewa, and Cindy Rollins. Talks on assessment, latin, Greek Mythology, and homeschooling. Talks from our summer conferences and talks from our first ever regional conference. It’s a really wonderful assortments of lectures, if we do say so ourselves, and so we thought why not offer a big sale on it.

For a limited time you can save over 50% on these ten most popular talks from 2014!

Buy the bundle of all 10 HERE: for $15

Or use promo code TOPTENTALKS to save 50% off of each talk individually (in the event you already a few of them).

Here they are:

1. Cindy Rollins: All Virtue is a Form of Acting; or, Habits in the Home

2. Andrew Kern: A Contemplation of Judgement: Standards, Folly, and a More Excellent Way

3. Andrew Kern: Creation, Imitation, and Analogy: Paths to Learning

4. Andrew Kern: Judging with Grace: Using Assessment and Feedback to Bless and Nourish

5. Andrew Pudewa: Principles of Motivation and Skills Development

6. Cindy Rollins: Small Latin and Less Greek: Classical Education for the Everyman

7. Angelina Stanford: The Distorted Image: Greek Mythology and the Gospel

8. Cindy Rollins: The Long Haul: On Morning Time

9. Andrew Kern: What Are Wisdom and Virtue: A Reflection on Why We’re Doing What We’re Doing

10. Cindy Rollins: What Comes After Virtue: Balancing the Pursuit of Virtue in the Homeschool

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