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Our 16 Most Popular Posts of 2016

That is, the posts you read the most . . .

In 2016 we created more content than ever before. We recorded more podcasts, wrote more articles, and conducted more interviews than ever. And that’s thanks to you, because we had more readers than ever, too. What’s that they say about wind beneath wings, and such?

The following is a sampling of the posts you read the most this past year, but it’s safe to say we learned a few things about our audience: you care about the role of pop culture in your homes and schools; you’re concerned about college; and you really, really like Jane Austen.

Why It’s Time to Re-think College: An Interview with David Hicks

Wasted on Children: Keeping Babylon at Bay, by Joshua Gibbs

What Jane Austen Can Teach Us about Modesty, by Angelina Stanford

Stop Assigning Reading Homework, by Joshua Gibbs

I Should Not Have Surprised My Children with Fantastic Beasts, by Joshua Gibbs

38 Books from My First Year of Homeschooling, by Cindy Rollins

Finally, A Religious Star Wars Film, by Joshua Gibbs

Don’t Follow Your Heart: Anti-revolutionary Thoughts from Pride and Prejudice, by Angelina Stanford

Take Up Your Cross and Read Hard Books, by Heidi White

Why Do Christian Kids Love Pop Culture So Much?, by Joshua Gibbs

Students Will Forget What You Teach, But So What?, by Joshua Gibbs

Rules of Decorum: I Would Sin Less if . . . by Joshua Gibbs

Academic Performance: Not What Its All about, by Andrew Kern

Unwelcoming Gluttony from the Table of Sophia, by Lindsey Brigham

Reflections on Having Consumed in One Hour a Meal Prepared Over Two Days, by Lindsey Brigham

Why Tolstoy and Dostoevsky Matter Now More Than Ever, by Tim McIntosh

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