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Magazine Web Exclusive: Food and God’s Grandeur

It may sound lofty and pretentious to describe food as worship. But all I know is that when I took my first bite of chicory rubbed filet mignon in bordelaise sauce on a Sunday afternoon in 2010, it felt like tasting a little bit of heaven. It felt like the pleasure of God.

That filet mignon was one course of a 10-course dinner prepared by my friend Jessica, who does things with food that I’ve never seen done before. And this meal — in which each course was creatively inspired by one of Jessica’s favorite songs of the year — was unsurpassed in the pantheon of great meals I’ve ever had.

At this meal, which probably lasted six hours or more, me and seven friends enjoyed mind-blowing homemade delicacies: Quail confit with poached kumquats, tempura basil and sage, blue cheese ice cream with maderia poached fig and wildflower sage honey, and a strawberry rose milkshake with rose laced cream.

How could you not experience God through food like that? Sitting in good company, enjoying never-tasted-before flavor combinations, anxiously awaiting the next carefully concocted course and never getting full? (The courses were all nearly bite-sized).

Such instances remind us of God’s glory and grace. They are opportunities to give thanks and praise to God: for friends, for nourishment, for creativity, and for the fact that God gave us tongues to taste and not just stomachs to fill.

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