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Introducing The Atrium

As a recent graduate of the CiRCE Apprenticeship, I’m exceedingly grateful to have received the tools with which I can truly nurture the souls of my students with confidence. I can’t overstate the value of having been part of a community of fellow educators engaged in ongoing conversations about the nature and art of teaching. Its now my privilege to be part of the work of extending this opportunity to others.

Over the years, the CiRCE Apprenticeship has been a wonderful place for teachers to deepen their understanding of Christian Classical Education and hone the skills with which to become great classical teachers. However, participation in the Apprenticeship is not an option for some, who nevertheless desire to pursue increasing knowledge of classical education throughout the year. If that’s you, we have some exciting news!

In August of 2014 CiRCE is launching a new program called The Atrium.

Dr. Peter Vande Brake will lead a community of educators in a discussion of classical education, guided by David Hicks’s foundational treatise Norms and Nobility. Bi-monthly webinars with Peter, as well as various guest speakers, will allow you to join in live from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll have the opportunity to engage others in an ongoing conversation that will challenge you in your journey as an educator.

If the Apprenticeship is, in fact, in your plans for the future, the Atrium is a great foundation from both a learning and a financial standpoint. A portion of your tuition for the Atrium will be applied as a credit to the cost of the Apprenticeship.

For details visit the Atrium Program page here.

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