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I Love Teaching Teachers

There is no doubt in my mind that the greatest joy of teaching comes from seeing something you can’t control happen: a soul transformed or nourished in a way that leads to visible growth in thoughts and deeds. I can’t imagine what would tempt a person to teach if he didn’t expect to see this happen.

That is why the CiRCE apprenticeship is one of my favorite activities. After three years of immersion in classical mentoring, all or at least most of the teachers will testify that it did them good. Some will tell you they were transformed.

Jennifer Dow is one of the latter. Both she and other apprentices have testified to the transformation it’s worked in her life.

I was so personally pleased that I decided to hire her. If you want to see how much good the classical approach to teaching can do, sign up for Jennifer’s online class this fall. My contention is that she’ll be one of the best online teachers in the world, and you’ll be discussing some of the best books ever written. Think of that.

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