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Classical Q&A with John Hodges

You have questions. He has answers. Send us your questions about classical education for John Hodges, the Director of The Center for Western Studies, and on August 12th we will record a video conversation in which John responds to a selected number of those questions. We will then post that video here on our website’s media library.

Please send your questions via the comments section below.


John Mason Hodges is a conductor, lecturer, composer, and writer. He holds degrees in music from University of Maryland and Indiana University, and worked as a professional conductor from 1983-2009. He lectures on the subjects of aesthetics, classical education, and music, and writes for various publications on the arts. He held the position of Associate Professor of the Arts and Culture at Crichton College where he taught classes on worldview, history of music and visual art, and reader’s theater; directed theater productions, and was founding director of the Institute for the Arts and Cultural Apologetics. He is founder and director of the Center for Western Studies, and serves as scholar-in-residence for the National Fellows movement.

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