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Travis Copeland

Travis Copeland is the Head of Upper School at Covenant Classical School, where he also teaches humanities. He has degrees in history and humanities. When not teaching or writing, Travis aspires to a Hobbit lifestyle of gardening, baking, poetry, and good fellowship around good food.

Exploring a Proverb: The Teacher is the Curriculum

 When I first encountered this proverbial phrase, I was heavily inclined to react against it. The obvious nature of a classroom, I thought, does not support this proverb, if it is one. However, serious consideration began to offer more and more insight into the classroom and the extremely important role of the teacher in relation […]

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Classical Schools Are Not Democracies

Classical schools do not market themselves as democracies. They do not structure their authority or decision-making practices on explicitly democratic ideals. In the interview process, no one brings up voting or citizenship. Why, then, bring up democracy and its relationship to classical schools?   Americans are a deeply democratic people. The democracy that is infused into

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Keeping Advent

 Christmas without Advent, like Easter without Lent, paints the Church year in chiaroscuro.1 Penitential, lean seasons such as Advent are gifts to the Church. Penitential seasons of heavy fasting, prayer, silence, and charity are a gift to Christians because they expose sin and provide the opportunity to grow in virtue and holiness. They keep the

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