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Question of the Week: The Challenges of Spreading the Classical Word

As Christian classical educators we are all very passionate about what we do.

We believe in it – in the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of it all – and we want people to see what we see, to believe in it as we do.

But sometimes . . . well, sometimes we’re fighting an uphill battle. Despite our best intentions and our most energetic efforts at clearly explaining what this “classical education thing” is our friends and colleagues and, sometimes, family members just don’t get it. Many folks either don’t understand what this movement means or simply do not care. Then there are the folks who are intimadated by it. When it comes to explaining classical education there’s a lot to overcome. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

o this week’s Question-of-the-Week is: What challenges do you most often encounter when attempting to explain or introduce Christian classical education to others?

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