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Ask Andrew – September

We first introduced our Ask Andrew feature more than a year ago. It began as a blog feature then for a short time turned into a podcast segment. However, the feature never gained much traction as we experimented with how best to present it. We found that the blog post responses didn’t fit the feature very well and that the podcast segment, while the right length, were harder to get produced since we also had to produce a whole podcast to go with it. Now, however, we think we may have finally found the appropriate home for it.

So today we’re launching our Ask Andrew Video Series, monthly (if not more frequently) videos in which Andrew Kern asks your questions about classical Christian education. In our first video Andrew responds to the following question: “Dear Andrew, What is a good definition of virtue? And how is it different from just ‘doing good’?”

Here’s his answer:

Ask Andrew – September 2012 from CiRCE TV on Vimeo.

To submit a question for a future video click here.

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