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The Man I Want to be

Sometimes I think the greatest fear for the man with the conventional mind is that somebody else will get a valuable piece of information or learn an effective technique before him. Having built a world on information and technique, we now dread that someone else might master one or both of them before us.

The man of the world, it seems, believes that we need more of this information and better technique to build a better world.

The Bible agrees with every religious tradition when it teaches that a better world needs better men. It tells us that what keeps us from living lives aligned with truth is not an ineffective search engine or a lack of practice, but unrighteousness.

We do not desire to know Him, so we suppress the truth.

What we need to practice ourselves and teach our children, then, is to begin with repentance and to stay there until we are pure of heart. Then we’ll see God. And when we see Him, everything is clear.

This is, of course, meaningless gibberish and dangerous rubbish to any one who does not wish to know God. I am sorry for that, but I am a sinful man and I cannot deny that only repentance gives me any hope to become the man I want to be.

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