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Assessment That Blesses: A New Lecture From Andrew Kern

As we hit the homeschool convention circuit, we rack up a whole lot more than mileage: we also accumulate a number of new talks, lectures, and workshops, many of which are given for the first time and most of which are presented by Andrew Kern (though not all of them).

So, rather than hoard these new resources, we’d like to share some of these new talks with you, one at a time, and free to stream on our website for one month. At the end of the month each talk will be placed in our online store and will be available for purchase/download.

First up was Andrew Kern’s recent lecture “You Become What You Behold: Nourishing Your Child’s Soul On Truth”, a talk presented in April at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention.

Next up: Assessment That Blesses, another lecture given at the Cincinnati Convention. In this recording, we join him early on as he is thanking some folks who have thought with him about this important subject.

To listen to this talk, click the “play” button below.

Assessment That Works

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