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The Most Evil Tool of Satan Since the Creation of Woman

Blogs are dangerous for many reasons, but approached purposefully and prudently we can find some that offer wisdom and draw us into a worthy communion of reflection.

For example, much has been said lately about the savagery of God in His instructions to the Israelites to conduct genocide. One of the better, more thoughtful responses I’ve seen comes from this post at Alastair’s Adversaria.

Worried about Phillip Pullman and J.K. Rowling (she who “almost killed Ron Weasley”)? Take a look at this insightful response.

And I am happy to announce that my friend Aaron Taylor has begun blogging again. This is one for every vocation loving teacher to meditate on. Caveat emptor: he mentions CiRCE, but the post survives that dip.

None of these are short, punchy posts. In fact, if you track one of them to their 2/7 post, you’ll see that he writes about the dangers of internet social interaction and the way people seek out controversy and raw emotion. Take my title, for instance. I confess: it was a ploy; ironically suggestive and likely to stimulate a reaction.

But what am I referring to? And what am I saying, really? Who knows? It’s the internet.

If only, I mourn, we were purposeful and respectful, lovers of wisdom and virtue, how great a tool the internet would be – and how much good it might have done.

Alas. How very like conversation.

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