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Webinar: Using Writing To Teach Literature

Date: February 4, 2012
Time: 3 pm EST
Instructor: Leah Lutz

In this special-edition webinar led by Leah Lutz, a CiRCE certified teacher and a long-time Lost Tools of Writing Instructor, attendees will discover that the very best tool for teaching literature is writing. There’s no better way to think about a book than to write about it. Writing forces students to think in a structured fashion, to consider carefully the language they are using (and, therefore, the language the book about which they are writing uses), and to reflect on the various perspectives every piece of literature offers.

But here’s the thing: literature shouldn’t be dissected. Literature isn’t a bug or a frog. Literature should be experienced first. And good writing – and writing instruction – can help guide a student’s experience with a piece of literature.

In this webinar, Leah Lutz will provide teachers with insights and tools to do that guiding.

Not only will your students learn about the books they’re reading, they also will learn to write – and think – well.

A portion of this webinar will be dedicated to a Q & A.

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