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FREE WEBINAR: On Amplification (or, the art of hammering your point home)

Date: March 16th, 2012
Time: 11 am
Instructor: Leah Lutz

In this FREE Lost Tools of Writing Webinar, CiRCE certified master teacher, and longtime program developer, Leah Lutz will reveal the importance of a quality amplification, the portion of the conclusion that shows to whom an essay’s issue matters – and why.

No essay is complete without a powerful amplification.

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2 thoughts on “FREE WEBINAR: On Amplification (or, the art of hammering your point home)”

    1. Dr. Matthew Bianco

      Hi Jeanne,

      No, I am sorry. That webinar was not recorded to be made available later. Do watch for announcements, though. Camille Hunt does free webinars for LTW still. They are done periodically throughout the year, and she may cover amplification. If not, she also does Q&A webinars, during which you could ask her about amplification!

      Matt Bianco

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