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Faith in Truth

If you don’t believe in knowable truth, you will stop seeking it and will begin to say self-defeating things like “That’s true for you.” You’ll also stop teaching others how to seek it. In fact, you’ll probably despise and interfere with it.

Truth seeking begins with faith in knowable truth. That is is hard to find need not diminish the faith, if for no other reason than that many people claim to have found truth of one sort or another.

But what of the person who does not have faith that truth can be found and/or communicated? Such a person cannot speak with any other intention than to gain some sort of advantage. He is the fulfillment of Bacon’s dream and the world’s nightmare. He serves “That Hideous Strength.”

Now, I suspect that if you asked a person whether he believed it was possible to know truth, they would probably say yes, when you put it like that. But press them on it. Ask them how. Scientists may tell you that science is the means, but that is a faith increasingly stressed by developments.

Truth redefined is no longer truth.

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