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Opiates and Dope

Marx, because he was so wise and insightful, supposedly said that Religion is the opiate of the masses. Since I like mass, I’m OK with the analogy. But I’ve also been thinking about the opiates of the educated lately. Since they are so smart and have more money, they need a greater variety.

Religion is the opium of the people - Karl Mar...

Image by ~MVI~ (shooting with a busted kit lens) via Flickr

To drop acid, they study physics, especially either astro-physics or light.
To inject heroin, they larn chemistry.
For crack, they master biology.
Their pot is pretty straight-forward: music. Or maybe it’s just pot.
But they also need some cocaine, and that they inhale through the fine arts.

Or maybe they just party. I’m not sure.

But at least they’d been freed of the need for religion. We’re all relieved to know it.

Anyway, if Marx had any brains he’d have knowd that Choclate is the Opiate of the masses.

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