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The One-Hearted Joys of Marriage

Today Karen and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, three days after David and Bethany celebrated their second and three months before Bethany bears our first grand-child.

Like a weaver’s shuttle – but it does make a nice tapestry!

This prayer is posted under a picture of Christ the Lord of all in our bedroom:

Lord Jesus Christ,
By your presence You blessed the wedding in Cana
and showed us that you are the true priest
of mystical and pure marriage.
We thank you for the day on which
by Your heavenly blessing
You joined us in the sacrament of marriage.

Lord, continue to bless and enrich our marriage
in love, companionship, mutual support,
oneness of heart,
and progress in faith and life.

Protect our holy wedlock
from sin, evil, and danger.
Nurture between us the spirit of understanding
the spirit of forgiveness
and the spirit of peace,
that no resentment,quarrel, or other problem
may cause us to stumble and fall.

Grant us to see our own faults
and not to judge each other.

Keep our bond of love always new.
Gladden our lives with the joys of marriage,
that with one heart we may praise and glorify You.


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