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A Wise Man is hard to Find

First page of Constitution of the United States

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I am not, in general, a cultural or political optimist. However, a pilot light of hope burns deep in my soul, so every now and then I allow myself an optimistic thought. Here’s one:

The glory of the United States may still be future because a few people are still educating their children. Not many of them are doing it in schools, but thousands are doing it in various contexts.

Enough are being educated in (or at least pointed to) the tradition that an aristocracy of virtue might well arise to replace the oligarchy that is running us into chaos and political hell.

Our founders were men of extraordinary virtue and wisdom because they had been shown great light and ENOUGH of them welcomed it into their souls that some 65 people created a constitution that, with its flaws, is the oldest written constitution still deferred to on occasion by its citizens.

It doesn’t take a nation of wise men to preserve a people, just enough of them.

But there is much to contend with. Are there enough wise men? Are you working to preserve the republic or get ahead on the tread mill?

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