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May “Fuel” Discount For Conferenence

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Are you a teacher, a homeschooling parent, a headmaster, or on the board of a school? If so, ask yourself these questions:

– Are you teaching your students and children as if they are human beings created in the Divine Image?

– Or are you teaching them according to the pedagogical structures or modern education and thus in a way that diminishes the Divine Image in them?

– Are you teaching your students in a way that removes their chests, in a way that keeps them from being fully realized human beings?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions and you find yourself interested in discussing them further, if you aren’t sure if you can answer them in a positive fashion, or if you are simply interested in getting together with other like-minded Christian, classical educators than you might find that this conference is for you. We’d love to have you join us at our 2011 Summer Conference: What is Man? A Contemplation of the Divine Image.

Interested? We have good news.

For the month of May only we are offering a special discount price on the conference registration.

Here’s why: With the price of fuel sky-rocketing and financial concerns still so prominent for so many families and schools we decided that we wanted to make our conference more affordable for more folks.

We’re thankful to be able to report that God has blessed us already with registration numbers well beyond the usual numbers at this time of the year and our sponsors have been very generous to the point that we feel that it is important to make the event a little more affordable. Call it a “fuel-is-absurdly-expensive” discount.

To those of you who have already registered we thank you and we promise that we are working hard to make this 2011 conference our best, most inspiring event yet. Your continued support and friendship is, as they say, the wind beneath our sails.

Of course you want to know the numbers. What is the discounted price? Here you go: From May 1 – June 1 the discounted cost for registration will go down from $275/person to $225/person.

Two Ways to Reserve Your Spot

Registration couldn’t be more simple. Just do one of the following to reserve your seat with the special May discount:

Option 1) Click HERE and fill out the registration form, then pay via PayPal

Option 2) Call 704-786-9684 to reserve your spot over the phone.

Remember, whichever registration option you choose, we are limiting this conference to 250 conferees and registration is filling up at a record pace.

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