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Love and Blessings

Psalter, f.7, (194 x 129 mm), 15th century, MS...

Image by National Library NZ on The Commons via Flickr

A very general statement that is awfully important and extremely practical but not obviously so:

Nature and virtue are universal ideas that enable us to think clearly and to act wisely and prudently about things. Without them we cannot think soundly or act wisely.

God made us to be loving stewards with the dominion of blessedness. To fulfill our created role requires that we know things according to their nature so that we can make them fruitful. Wise and prudent actions lead to abundance and blessedness (Psalm 1).

Therefore, the purpose of education includes equipping our students to become blessings by being blessed, which means thinking fitting thoughts and performing prudent actions.

This is love and the object of love is the blessedness of its object.

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